Forgiveness (from “Consolations . . . ” by David Whyte)

the following is an excerpt from Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment & Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words written by David Whyte (published by Many Rivers Press copyright 2014)

Forgiveness is a heartache & difficult to achieve because strangely, it not only refuses to eliminate the original wound, but actually draws us closer to its source.  To approach forgiveness is to close in on the nature of the hurt itself, the only remedy being, as we approach its raw center, to reimagine our relation to it.

It may be that the part of us that was struck & hurt can never forgive, & that strangely, forgiveness never arises from the part of us that was actually wounded.  The wounded self may be the part of us incapable of forgetting, & perhaps, not actually meant to forget, as if, like the foundational dynamics of the physiological immune system our psychological defenses must remember & organize against any future attacks – after all, the identity of the one who must forgive is actually founded on the very fact of having been wounded.

Stranger still, it is that wounded, branded, un-forgetting part of us that eventually makes forgiveness an act of compassion rather than one of simple forgetting.  To forgive is to assume a larger identity than the person who was first hurt, to mature & bring to fruition an identity that can put its arm, not only around the afflicted one within but also around the memories seared within us by the original blow & through a kind of psychological virtuosity, extend our understanding to one who first delivered it.

Forgiveness is a skill, a way of preserving clarity, sanity & generosity in an individual life, a beautiful way of shaping the mind to a future we want for ourselves; an admittance that if forgiveness comes through understanding, & if understanding is just a matter of time & application then we might as well begin forgiving right at the beginning of any drama rather than put ourselves through the full cycle of festering, incapacitation, reluctant healing & eventual blessing.

To forgive is put oneself in a larger gravitational field of experience than the one that first seemed to hurt us.  We reimagine ourselves in the light of our maturity & we reimagine the past in the light of our new identity, we allow ourselves to by gifted by a story larger than the story that first hurt us & left us bereft.

At the end of life, the wish to be forgiven is ultimately the chief desire of almost every human being.  In refusing to wait; in extending forgiveness to others now, we begin the long journey of becoming the person who will be large enough, able enough & generous enough to receive, at the very end, that absolution ourselves.


shattered windows, severed spines

for those who are more concerned about shattered windows than fractured spines; those that fracture spines & those that shatter windows i would like to occupy a few moments of your time with a trip down memory lane

bertrand russell said this, “advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: the fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate

lysannder spooner said this, “a man’s natural rights are his own . . . any infringement of them is equally a crime, whether committed by one man . . . or by millions, calling themselves a government

joanne chesimard said this, “our situation right now is critical. we can’t run from it or hide from it. we’re going to have to get down to the nitty gritty. we’ve got to determine who we are. are we house niggers who are going to walk peacefully into the gas chambers, or are we field niggers, who are going to fight until we’re free? we didn’t come here no house niggers. we didn’t come here from afrika no punks. we didn’t come here from afrika no fools. we didn’t come here no uncle toms, hemming and hawing, shufflin’ and jiving, scratching our heads and kissing the feet of our masters. we didn’t come here like that. we came here proud, strong, beautiful afrikans. we came here with a culture, with pride, we came here knowing who we were. we came here an intelligent, sensitive people, who fought and struggled on every level from the moment that we were brought here in chains. we have got to realize who we are and we’ve got to realize that we’ve got a tradition to carry on

& last but not least thomas jefferson said this, “what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. let them take arms

The “Black Panther” Movie Has Officially Been Confirmed

Black America Web

Marvel Studios executives and actors alike have been teasing this project for what seems like an eternity, but the big man himself, Stan Lee, has finally let slip that a movie based on African superhero Black Panther is being made at Marvel.

The 91-year-old comic book creator revealed the news at “Marvel Presents: The Legendary Stan Lee” panel at Fan Expo in Canada on August 29 when asked if Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow would be getting her own movie:

“The chances are she will have her own movie because eventually all the superheroes are going to have their own movies…They are already working on Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and the Black Panther, and there are others I am not allowed to talk about.”

Not a lot of information, granted, but the fact that it’s indeed happening was enough to whip the Internet (myself included) into a frenzy. No word as to…

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Broadcom releases a 650Mbps chip to link smartphones to gigabit Wi-Fi networks


A new generation of routers have emerged that promise unparalleled gigabit wireless speeds using new 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology. The problem is that our mobile devices — even the ones that boast 802.11ac radios — often can’t take full advantage of them.

[company]Broadcom[/company] aims to change that with a new wireless chipset that will boost theoretical connection speeds from a smartphone or tablet to the Wi-Fi router to 650 Mbps. That may not be gigabit speed, but gigabit speed was always a bit of misnomer anyway — it’s more an indication of overall network capacity rather than how quickly any given device could connect to the network.

The BC4358 is actually Broadcom’s second smartphone Wi-Fi chipset to utilize 2×2 MIMO (short for multiple input-multiple output), meaning it can simultaneously tap two of the radio streams emanating from the many antennas on your router. Most smartphones only utilize a single Wi-Fi…

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Be color brave, not color blind: Mellody Hobson at TED2014

mmm . . .

TED Blog

Mellody Hobson. Photo: James Duncan Davidson Mellody Hobson. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

In 2006 Harold Ford called his friend Mellody Hobson, saying that he was running for US Senate in Tennessee, and he need some national press. Hobson, an investor, opens her talk with this story. She called a friend at a major media organization who organized a lunch. Hobson and Ford arrived at the reception, said they were there for the lunch, and were taken to a back room. Then they were asked, “Where are your uniforms?” At that point her friend rushed in, speechless. Hobson said, “Don’t you think we need more than one black person in the US Senate?”

Hobson says that she and Ford still laugh about that incident, but also that “deep deep down inside, I wasn’t surprised.” Her mother was ruthlessly realistic, and had prepared her. For example, after a birthday party where she was the only black person, her mother…

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Near Wild Heaven: R.E.M. Bundle Warner-Era B-Sides for Digital Box

The Second Disc

REM WB Rarities No sooner did R.E.M. plan a generous digital equivalent of a two-disc set collating nearly all of their B-sides and rarities for I.R.S. Records have the departed Athens quartet – or label Warner Bros., anyway – planned a massive digital bundle of their B-sides for their major label era.

Complete Warner Bros. Rarities 1988-2011 features a similar packaging scheme as its I.R.S. comparison, but the scope of time certainly allows for more material – 131 tracks, in fact. The complete claim is not entirely true – several obscure instrumental versions only available on vinyl singles are no shows, and some EPs as well (2001’s Not Bad for No Tour, last year’s Record Store Day exclusive of live cuts from the concert on the bonus disc of Warner Bros. debut Green). But there’s far more to parse here than any other Warner-era rarities set (the only one being…

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Marisa Newman and Irena Popiashvili Close Chelsea Gallery, Pursue Projects Overseas

the street begins to change . . .


Dealers Irena Popiashvili and Marisa Newman, who ran an eponymous gallery located on West 22nd Street in Chelsea, have parted ways to embark on independent ventures. The pair closed the gallery, which represented a roster of artists including Michel Auder and Basim Magdy, last August when their lease came to an end. “I decided to reconsider how a gallery could function and I was excited to explore the idea of working with artists without a permanent space/location,” wrote Ms. Newman in an email to Gallerist.

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