. . . two hundred thirty five . . .

so, it has been just over a year since i was gifted a kindle reader

in that time i have purchased two hundred thirty five books
some of them are bundles (game of thrones, various starwars omnibus collections, various sci-fi collections, et cetera) . . . most of them are not

i also tend to spend the majority of my free time watching shitty movies (yes, i just watched the return of jafar – for no reason)

i am finished watching for a while . . . not even the television shows i am fond of (american crime, gotham, star wars rebels, the muppets, outrageous acts of science & others)

i am going to get through this list . . . i am going to stop reading the three books i have been reading for the passed two months & start with book one (in alphabetical order)


that is all . . . for now (there may be a book report or two hundred thirty five) in the foreseeable future